Cal road warriors: Campus AIDS LifeCyclists sum it up

The campus’s 28-member Cal Team is now back home from last week’s AIDS LifeCycle. What was it like to bicycle 545 miles (S.F. to L.A.) with 3,000 others and a common cause — raising funds for HIV/AIDS services and awareness? Twenty-two ALC 2011 vets offer up their very final (and very pithy) reactions to the ride.

“It was great being a roadie, but I’m so being a rider next time.” — Celeste Roschuni

“It was tons of fun and I’m glad I did it.” — Hilary Bush

AIDS Lifecycle 2011 logo

“This is my third time finishing the ride. Definitely, the third time is the charm.” — Kit Donovan

“I’m so glad my daughter, a Cal student, invited me to come along and have this great experience.” — Michael Bush

“Riding in Speedos is really, really cold.” — Wes Lazara

“Such a great week, full of lots of fun and lots of laugh. I wish it could last.”  — Lindsay Bergstrom

“Everything hurts.” — Chathu Abeyrathna

“Enjoyed life to the fullest.” — Margaret Chester

“Wow, what a ride!” — Daryl Mathews

“My week on the ride is the most fun I have all year.” — Anita Liboff

“This is my second ALC ride and I’m definitely doing it again next year; it’s such an awesome thing to do.” — Chris Goff

“This has been the most remarkable week of my life.” — Jesse Dill

“Everything just changed.” — Natasha de Lange

“I can’t wait to come back next year.” — Hari Phatak

“This ride has been awesome. I can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing for a week.” — Abby VanMuijen

“Best week of the whole year.” — Evan Kerr

“This ride was even better than last year.” — Josh Schoenfled

“This was the best experience of my life and I’m going to do it again next year.” — Jonathan Goodrich

“That was an epic ride.” — Joanne Yeung

“The best week ever.“ — Araba Nti

“It was like bicycle-riding utopia.” — Ellie Bozmarov

“It’s an amazing experience to focus on one goal for seven days. It’s simultaneously exhausting and exhilarating to be so single-minded, 24/7, with 3000 other new friends.” — Caitlin Brostrom