Record number of students choose UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley admissions officials announced today (Thursday, June 30) that a record number of students – 5,657 – have accepted offers of admission to the 2011-12 freshman class. In addition, more transfer students than last year are planning to enroll.

The campus continues to offer admission to the best and brightest students, individuals who not only exhibit outstanding academic strength, but who have remarkable personal characteristics and strong leadership skills.

Among the newly admitted students who have provided UC Berkeley with a Statement of Intent to Register (SIR), a precursor to enrollment, are national champions in debate, Junior Olympians in field hockey, figure-skating, and women’s boxing, and professional performing artists.

“Each year, we admit and enroll an incredibly talented group of students,” said Walter Robinson, assistant vice chancellor and director of undergraduate enrollment. “This year’s class is equally accomplished – but also notably enthusiastic: This pool of students – students with their pick of admirable college choices – was also very excited about coming to UC Berkeley. Collectively, they set an all-time record of saying “yes” to UC Berkeley.”

The record number of students indicating plans to enroll in the freshman class increased from 5,253 for 2010-11, to 5,657 for 2011-12. Among transfer students, the number increased from 2,626 to 2,763.

The academic strength of the freshman class remains as high as it was last year. The average weighted GPA (includes Advanced Placement credits) remains about 4.3, the average unweighted is about 3.8. The mean total SAT score has increased from 2006 for 2010-11 to 2030 for 2011-12.

UC Berkeley evaluates students not only on grades and test scores, but also on whether they made the most of advantages provided to them or succeeded despite challenges. Strong personal traits, such as persistence, are also considered.

The majority of students who indicated plans to enroll as freshmen at UC Berkeley are California residents – almost 4,000 of the 5,657. In addition, the vast majority of incoming transfer students – about 2,220 of 2,763 – are from California. The campus’s undergraduate enrollment target for California residents, about 21,000, has been met again this year.

In addition, approximately 1,712 out-of-state students and students from other countries accepted the offer to enroll in the freshman class. This is up from 1,220 students for 2010-11 and slightly exceeds campus freshman enrollment targets for that group.

“This school year, our new out-of -state and international freshmen students will come from more than 50 U.S. states and territories and 55 countries, bringing diversity and perspectives from across the world,” said Robinson. “These are highly motivated students who, as a group, typically have academic indicators comparable to or higher than California residents offered admission.”

The UC Berkeley preliminary enrollment data was released in coordination with today’s University of California systemwide release of data for all campuses in the UC system. It is based on the preliminary count of students who submitted an SIR form, indicating their plans to enroll.

For a more detailed look at the preliminary data, view the UC Berkeley charts as well as data from the University of California systemwide office for all campuses in the UC system. Please note that data from UC Berkeley and the UC system may not match due to different points in time when data was collected. All numbers are preliminary, and not all students who submit an SIR will actually enroll.