New path being built on SW side of Sproul Hall

Construction to create a formal pathway in the landscape near the southwest corner of Sproul Hall is scheduled to begin July 18. The new path is being built to provide better disabled access to the stair landing on the west side of Sproul Hall (which is often used as a stage) as well as to replace an informal path that has formed on the lawn between UCPD and the Savio Steps. Construction is scheduled to be completed in mid-August.

The new walkway will lead from the south side of Sproul Hall to the west front of the building. The work site will be fenced during construction and the fenced area will extend at each end into existing walkways. Access to Sproul Hall will not be impacted by this project.

There may be some noise and disruption from the construction especially for those with office windows adjacent to the work area. Project activity includes trucks, excavation of soil for the path, compaction and a concrete pour.