California state shortfall triggers $100 million cut for UC

Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday announced a $100 million reduction in funding for the University of California — part of a package of mid-year cuts triggered by a state-revenue shortfall exceeding $2 billion.

“We’re not surprised, but we’re extremely disappointed,” UC’s media relations director, Steve Montiel, said in response to the announcement. “This additional cut will heighten the negative fiscal impacts experienced by the UC community over the past few years, including a $650 million cut earlier this year.”

However, UC has said there will be no mid-year tuition increase as a result of the cut, and that campuses will not be asked to make further sacrifices.

Instead, short-term bridging strategies will be used to cover the trigger cut for the current fiscal year. These strategies primarily involve drawing upon surpluses from UC payments toward employee health and welfare plans.

“As we move forward,” said Montiel, “we will continue to work closely with state officials to develop a long-term revenue plan that will give the university much-needed financial stability that would benefit Californians in every part of the state.”