New UC website streamlines job search

The University of California is launching a new systemwide job-search website that will provide a snapshot of open staff positions across all its locations, making it easier to search and apply for jobs. The site also provides links to resources regarding open faculty and other academic positions.

“We developed this new website to give our employees a single source that makes it easy to look for open positions across the entire university system,” said Dwaine Duckett, vice president of UC human resources. “People are at the heart of what makes UC world class, and there are countless career choices for them to pursue.”

Each UC location and its three affiliated national laboratories currently has its own job board. No single resource had existed for finding positions systemwide — until now.

The new job-search tool will allow applicants to search for staff openings using keywords, and choose whether to search specific locations or all of them at once. The website will then generate a list of available staff positions with the title, salary, application deadline, a brief excerpt of the job duties and a link to the full job description.