Administrators continue to reach out to Occupy Cal protesters

Occupy Cal protesters remain on campus despite efforts of faculty and administration last weekend and throughout this week to encourage them to end the protest.     

On Tuesday, the group moved from Sproul Plaza to the steps of Doe Library citing a need to draw more attention to their cause according to some media stories.  Reports in the student newspaper The Daily Cal noted that the protesters moved to the new location in an effort to restore 24/7 access to libraries among other issues. 

Tom Leonard, University Librarian says he and his staff have been working to address access to study space needs of our students for a number of years. 

“The main campus library has been open more late night hours this year than ever before in our entire history,” said Leonard.  “On Tuesday, as the protest on the steps of the Doe Library was underway, our library was open until 2 a.m. ” 

He also indicated that April 30- May 11, students can look forward to round-the-clock access to the collections in the MAIN Stacks; continuous access to computers, software, printers, and computer support help at the Moffitt Microcomputer Facility; extended hours for group study rooms; and convenient access to refreshments in the Free Speech Movement Café.

Ron Coley, associate vice chancellor, Business Services and Administrative Services, visited the site yesterday afternoon for about 45 minutes to listen to protester concerns which covered a variety of broad topics.  He encouraged the group to end the protest on their own accord, and reminded them that the group will have to leave the area as they are in violation of the encampment policy.