Weekend Occupy Cal activities end peacefully

A small group of Occupy Cal protesters set up two tents on the lawn of International House near the UC Berkeley campus on Saturday evening. Later that night, approximately 100 individuals, some from Occupy Oakland, marched across campus and blocked the entrance to I-House, according to UCPD.

The group carried signs condemning the police and yelled at a number of officers who were on hand to monitor both groups and to help ensure that the encampment and the protest concluded without incident. There were no arrests.

The throngs of marchers left UC Berkeley by 1 a.m. Sunday. The five protesters who had set up two tents on the lawn Saturday evening stayed there overnight. They took down the tents at approximately 4 p.m. Sunday and left.

This past weekend, a whistleblowers’ conference called “Occupy the Truth” took place at I-House.