Raise your voice at ‘Sproul Plaza,’ the app

“Budget 101” with Vice Chancellor John Wilton kicks off Berkeley’s new Sproul Plaza app.

Creating opportunities for dialogue and discussion among members of the campus community can be a challenge at a large university. UC Berkeley is tackling that challenge with the launch of an innovative social-media app, designed and built by Cal students for the campus’s Facebook page.

Like its namesake, “Sproul Plaza” the app is a place for members of the Cal community to gather, have their voices heard and hear what others have to say. It will give campus leaders, subject-area experts, faculty, staff and students the opportunity to present video commentary on current issues, and then seek questions, feedback and discussion. The app will give community members a chance to vote for the questions they’d most like to have answered, and on their favorite ideas and suggestions. Presenters will then respond with videotaped replies to the top-ranked ideas and queries.

Look for this icon on UC Berkeley’s Facebook page

“Sproul Plaza” kicks off today with John Wilton, vice chancellor for administration and finance, who will host a conversation and take questions about the university’s budget and finances. His introductory video can be viewed on this page; but to post questions or comments, you’ll need to use the app’s interactive features.

Whether you want to join in or simply observe, head to UC Berkeley’s Facebook page and access the “Sproul Plaza” app through its icon in the left-hand column. Feel free to leave comments, questions or suggestions for other issues you’d like to see addressed in the future.
The campus community is listening. Don’t miss the chance to make a difference.