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Impact of BART disruption on UC Berkeley workforce

By Public Affairs

Jeanine Raymond, assistant vice chancellor for human relations, issued the following message to campus managers and supervisors on Thursday in response to the continuing disruption of transbay BART service:

The closure of BART between San Francisco and the East Bay is having an impact on the ability of our employees to get to work today. While some may find alternatives, there may be delays in reaching their workstations. In other cases they may be unable to reach the campus altogether. The need to assist family members who are also impacted may complicate an employee’s effort to get to work here.

Managers and supervisors are encouraged to consider options that provide flexibility in situations like this such as: telecommuting for all or a part of the day, alternative work schedules that include alternate work days as well as changes in work hours, and approving requests for use of vacation leave or CTO.

Finding ways to provide alternative coverage can present challenges and may need our collective patience, and creativity in finding solutions for coverage. If you have staff who are cross trained and can step in to assist, today may present a time to try out new skills.

Jeannine Raymond
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Human Resources

Further information on the status of BART service is available on the BART website.