For a quick bike fix, DIY 24/7 at new repair station

What’s bright and yellow with tools all over? The bicycle fix-it station installed last week near the corner of Oxford Street and Hearst Avenue.

bike-repair station

Bicyclists can use the new fix-it station at Oxford and Hearst 24/7 to do simple repairs.

Located under cover, on the east side of the new Energy Biosciences Building, the station includes a stand with hanger arms, for suspending a bike by its front seat.

A tire pump, wrenches, screwdrivers and other tools, attached to the station by stainless-steel cables and tamper-proof fasteners, allow riders to change a flat, adjust brakes and derailleurs and make other repairs.

“The idea is that campus cyclists, or even cyclists in the community, could do a quick repair any time, and then be on their way,” says Office of Environment, Health and Safety staffer Greg Haet, chair of the Campus Bicycle Committee.

For help with repairs, cyclists can use the QR (Quick Read) code on the front of the stand to view detailed instructions on a smart phone.

Funded by the Office of Parking and Transportation, the fix-it station is the first of three in the works. The other two will be installed soon at yet-to-be-determined central-campus locations.

fixit tools

Wrenches and other tools are attached to the stand.

“Our overall goal is to encourage people to commute to campus by bicycle,” Haet says, “and, once they’re here, to promote safe campus cycling and provide needed amenities such as bike parking and this repair station.”

Judging by the bike-parking situation, “we’ve seen the number of cyclists increase constantly,” he adds. “We’ve put in hundreds of new parking spaces and we can’t keep up with the demand.”