Yudof, chancellors express ‘relief and gratitude’ on Prop. 30

The chancellors of 10 UC campuses, along with UC President Mark Yudof, issued the following message today, expressing thanks to the UC community for efforts leading to the passage of Proposition 30.

To the UC Community:

We write today to the entire University of California community — students and their families, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends — to express our relief and gratitude that the voters of California have approved Proposition 30. We are especially grateful for the Academic Senate Memorial on UC funding, and to Chair Sherry Lansing and the UC Regents for publicly endorsing this proposition. The Regents’ endorsement, along with those of other public higher education sectors, gave the proposition much-needed visibility and momentum statewide.

The passage of Governor Brown’s budget initiative has created an opportunity to bring stability to the funding of public higher education in California. The task ahead of us now is to do everything possible to strengthen the capacity of the University to serve people in every part of the state through academic excellence and public service.

Many of you worked hard to spread the word about Proposition 30. This is particularly true of students, who both registered tens of thousands of new voters and lobbied broadly on behalf of Proposition 30. As a public institution, we weren’t allowed by law to advocate for how people should vote, but together we shared why the Proposition was of paramount importance to the University of California. It is clear that our message resonated.

While there is much more work ahead of us, we are confident that this success will pave the way to a more stable future for the University of California, and to a brighter future for the state of California.