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CalTime and biweekly pay postponements

By Carol Ness

An update on the CalTime rollout and biweekly sent out today (Jan. 3) by Assistant Vice Chancellor, Human Resources Jeannine Raymond. It reads:

Dear Current and Future CalTime Users:

As we start 2013, we want to take a moment to provide you an update on the current status of the Operational Excellence project CalTime, our new electronic timekeeping system.

CalTime for exempt employees has been rolled out, and we’re pleased to have moved more than 6,000 people onto CalTime. As with any large-scale project, there have been bumps along the way. We appreciate your patience as we work through them. We also want to let you know that we have heard your concerns and that the CalTime team is making great progress in resolving them to improve your experience.

To learn more about why we are transitioning to CalTime, view our videos at

Project Status

During curtailment, the CalTime team conducted an extensive evaluation, and we have concluded that the campus is not ready for CalTime to be rolled out in January to non-exempt employees (those eligible to earn overtime). Our campus currently has a multitude of timekeeping solutions and processes, and the situation was more complex than we had previously anticipated. Standardizing on a single timekeeping platform has taken longer than planned, and we need additional time to ensure a successful transition.

As it is not possible for the campus to transition to a biweekly pay cycle ahead of the CalTime transition for non-exempts, biweekly pay will be delayed for non-exempt employees. (Note: biweekly pay only impacts non-exempt employees; exempt employees are not moving to biweekly pay). Although a new solution will be a number of months away, we will send out a revised CalTime and biweekly pay rollout schedule by the end of January.

Applicants for the Biweekly Transition Assistance Program (Non-Exempt Employees only)

Applications for a loan and/or a cash-out of accrued vacation hours or comp time to assist employees during the conversion to a biweekly pay cycle have been received. Since we will not transition to biweekly pay in January as originally planned, loan processing and/or the cash-out of accrued vacation hours or comp time will also be delayed for a number of months. We apologize for any inconvenience this delay may cause in your planning for the transition.

As soon as the new transition date is determined, all impacted employees will be notified. All applications will be kept on file and applicants will be contacted when the future transition date is scheduled to confirm your eligibility and whether you still want us to process your application as submitted. You will have the option to withdraw your application or change it depending on your needs at that time.

Those employees who did not apply prior to curtailment will have an opportunity to do so at a future date.

Please feel free to contact Employee Relations at if you have any questions about the delay in the Biweekly Transition Assistance Program.

What’s Next?

The majority of exempt employees has transitioned to the new system, and will continue to use CalTime. For non-exempt employees, we will continue to provide regular communications on the rollout of CalTime and the transition to a biweekly pay cycle.

Thank you for your commitment to CalTime. As with any large-scale system implementation, we expect having to make adjustments along the way, and we appreciate your patience and support. Together, we are working to build more efficient operations that fully support our University’s teaching, research, and public service mission.

We sincerely value your feedback throughout this project as it helps us improve and excel together. Comments or questions can be sent to or the addresses below.

Jeannine Raymond, Ph.D., Assistant Vice Chancellor, Human Resources