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HR advice to staff in case of a BART strike: Plan ahead

By Public Affairs

Anticipating a possible BART strike starting Monday, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Human Resources Jeannine Raymond sent out this message to UC Berkeley staff:

Berkeley employees who ride Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) to and from work should make contingency plans in preparation for a possible strike by BART labor unions. Although BART officials and labor leaders continue bargaining, a strike may occur as early as Monday, August 5 .

Just a reminder that staff, supervisors and managers should talk with each other about possible impacts on commutes and discuss options so that the campus can continue business as usual. Berkeley employees are encouraged to explore carpooling, vanpooling and telecommuting from home if operationally feasible, and/or working with their supervisors to arrange flexible work schedules temporarily. In the event that the strike goes forward, the following are transportation resources and alternatives to BART:

  • Transportation information can be found at the Parking & Transportation website .
  • Commuter tips are available by calling 511 and asking for “rideshare,” or visiting to find information about starting a carpool and schedules for buses and ferries. also has links to transit agency sites for more information on modified services.

Members of the Berkeley community can also sign up for BART alerts .

If you are a manager who supervises Cal employees without email access, please circulate this information to all.