Cal Forestry Club holiday tree sale starts Monday

Girl with tree

Eager young shopper picks out at tree at the Cal Forestry Club’s 2012 sale. (NewsCenter photo by Carol Ness)

Short of cutting your own, you can’t get holiday trees fresher than the white fir, incense cedar and other evergreens that Cal Forestry Club students will offer for sale starting on Monday.

Equipped with handsaws and fundraising spirit, the students will make their annual trek up to the Sierra foothills to harvest the trees and bring them back on Sunday. The trip had originally been planned for Saturday, but was delayed a day because of an impending storm.  

The sweet-smelling conifers, along with decorated wreaths and pine cones, will be on sale Monday through Saturday or Sunday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., on the south side of Mulford Hall, home of the College of Natural Resources. Mulford is near the campus’s West Gate, just north of West Circle.

Trees will sell for $6 a foot. The sale is the club’s annual fundraiser. The trees are cut on property owned by Sierra Pacific Industries, the lumber company based in Shasta County. Club members select trees that would suffer because they’re growing under larger ones, and choose

“We recommend that most folks come by early,” says Brita Rustad, forestry club president. “The best trees always go on the first day.”