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Richmond Bay Campus executive committee announced

UC Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks has announced the new Richmond Bay Campus executive committee.

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UC Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks yesterday (Thursday, Jan. 23) sent out this announcement:

Dear Campus Community,

In my inaugural address, I mentioned the exciting growth opportunity that UC Berkeley’s new Richmond Bay Campus (RBC) provides for innovation in research. Historically known as the Richmond Field Station, the RBC will facilitate world-class research collaboration by co-locating Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) programs along with public and private ventures conducting research and developing 21st century solutions in areas such as energy, the environment, health and the global economy.

UC Berkeley has been developing a Long Range Development Plan for the RBC, which the UC Regents are expected to approve in May 2014. In order to provide timely, coherent and consistent direction for the effort to develop the RBC, I have created a RBC Executive Committee. The committee is charged to consider new and expanded uses at the RBC. These efforts will include:

  • Implementation of the Long Range Development Plan
  • Establishing the academic guidelines for the development of the RBC, with a particular emphasis on fostering innovation
  • Identifying potential new and expanded UC Berkeley research opportunities for the site, including synergies with LBNL
  • Providing a sustainable overall financing framework, including the consideration of alternative options for establishing the necessary utility infrastructure and new construction
  • Evaluating and prioritizing competing space requirements within the context of UC Berkeley’s broader mission and purpose

I plan to chair this committee and have asked Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost George Breslauer, Vice Chancellor Graham Fleming, Vice Chancellor John Wilton and Vice Provost Cathy Koshland to serve as voting members. Given the role that the College of Engineering has played to date in managing the Richmond Field Station, a representative from the College of Engineering will also participate as a non-voting member.  Richmond Bay Campus Development Manager Terezia Nemeth will staff the committee. I look forward to working with the RBC Executive Committee and our extended campus community to develop a state-of-the-art, inspirational, and sustainable place that facilitates, leverages and supports research to drive knowledge creation and applied innovation.


Nicholas Dirks