Spring cleaning at 2000 Carleton is a 24-ton purge

Talk about spring cleaning.

motor shop

Linda Brun and Joseph Cardona of the PP-CS Motor Pool were honored for “cleanest shop” after a building-wide cleanup at 2000 Carleton.

Staff employees at 2000 Carleton St., the off-campus home of Physical Plant-Campus Services, recently jettisoned a 24.45-ton mother lode of metal, paper and other materials in a six-week cleanup. And they managed to direct 22.2 tons of that total — including broken and outdated equipment, furniture, electronics and office supplies —  to recycling or reuse.

The building-wide cleanup, involving 250 staff members and about 80,000 square feet of space, was long overdue, says Tim Guichard, PP-CS administrative officer. “We lightened our load considerably and created lots more space for the shops (especially plumbing) and on the docks located on either side of the building.”

2000 Carleton cleanup
final count (in tons)

Shredding:  1.23
Paper Recycling:  3.72
Metal Recycling:   5.87
Excess and Salvage:  11.38
Garbage:  2.25

Total: 24.45

When all was said and done, the PP-CS Motor Pool, which services more than 150 campus vehicles, took the honors for cleanest shop. “You could eat off the floor,” Guichard says. The Motor Pool got rid of close to one and a half tons of excess equipment.

The award for “biggest team effort” went to  Procurement, Contracts and Storehouse (staffed by Ralph Evans, Skip Calvo, Sheryl Gonzalez, Tony Anderson, Luke Crespan, Frank Greenspan and Mark Swanson). Honors for “most organized” went to Lisanne Gee in accounting.

According to Guichard, the all-hands-on-deck effort was “a great bonding experience” for staff. The department consolidated its accounting records in one location, reorganized many offices and cubicles for better space utilization and, with freed-up space, created an additional parking space on the Derby Street side of the building.

The cleanup at 2000 Carleton is one of a number of such projects taking place across campus. Most recently, Kroeber Hall did a big purge, with funds from Building Clean Up Week, a program sponsored by Space & Capital Resources (part of the Office of the Chief Financial Officer).