UC’s first crop of ‘global food’ fellows includes three Berkeley students

Three UC Berkeley students are among 54 fellows announced this week by the University of California’s Global Food Initiative, launched earlier this year to harness UC resources to help address food security, health and sustainability.

The fellowships enable students from around the UC system, selected by their respective campuses through a competitive process, to pursue student-generated research, projects or internships focusing on food issues.

The Berkeley campus fellows are:

  • Miranda Everitt, a graduate student in public policy, who will use her $2,500 fellowship to conduct case studies on faculty research that has been used successfully to affect public policy;
  • Kate Kaplan, a fourth-year society and environment major involved with the campus’s Student Organic Garden, who plans to survey UC campuses about food-related programs involving student experiential learning; and
  • Vanessa Taylor, a graduate student in development practice, who will work on food-security issues and on improving food pantries across the UC system.

These fellows are part of UC Berkeley’s strong ecosystem of groups working on food issues, which includes the Berkeley Food Institute, Student Food Collective, Student Organic Gardening Association, UC Berkeley Food Pantry and Spoon University, all of whom participated in a “food and farming” town hall on campus last month.

For more on the UC Global Food Initiative and its first crop of fellows, see UC’s Dec. 9 press release.