Bakar Fellows show off their discoveries to tech entrepreneurship world

Sixteen UC Berkeley faculty who are conducting commercially promising research supported by the Bakar Fellows Program made a recent trip to San Francisco to deepen their connections with prominent venture capital firms, industry partners and entrepreneurs.

Introduced to their rapt audience by Vice Chancellor for Research Graham Fleming, the fellows put on a series of “lightning talks,” presenting their research to alumni, friends and others who may have resources and connections to bring some of these Berkeley discoveries to market.

Also speaking to the group was Corey Goodman, a scientist, entrepreneur, educator, CEO and corporate executive who has been key to the development of biotherapeutics and other new technologies at Pfizer and the companies that he co-founded, including Exelixis, Renovis, Second Genome, Ossianix and his current venture, venBio. He is an adjunct professor at Berkeley and co-founder of the campus’s Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute. The event was held Wednesday, March 18, at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

The Bakar Fellows Program supports innovative research by early career faculty at UC Berkeley with a special focus on projects that hold commercial promise. The NewsCenter’s Kevin Ho Nguyen attended the event, and his photos follow.