‘Frozen’ sequel has a lot of ground to cover

girl watching Frozen

Anna may trudge through miles of snow to save her sister, but it’s Elsa, her blonde sister, that little girls dream of being on Halloween, notes Daily Cal columnist Eda Yu.

At a recent stockholder meeting, the Walt Disney Company announced plans to produce a sequel to Frozen, its animated blockbuster featuring a fearless princess and her epic journey to find her estranged sister.

Frozen has made a mountain of dough for Disney and captured the hearts of millions of young girls. What should we hope for from the sequel?

In an analysis on the Daily Californian blog “Opinion Shot,” Eda Yu – a Berkeley chemistry major and frequent contributor to the student newspaper – gives a nod to Frozen as one of Disney’s most progressive productions, but urges Disney to “do better” next time.

Frozen may champion female empowerment, but it also peddles in conventional beauty norms,” she argues. “The movie preaches the old adage of staying true to yourself.” But then again, “it can’t be very hard to want to be yourself when you are beautiful, blonde and powerful.”

“Make use of your incredible influence, to give us something other than plain, white bread to chew on,” she urges Disney.

Read Eda Yu’s Daily Cal opinion piece here.