Media Advisory: UC Berkeley to announce director of athletics

ATTENTION: Print, online and broadcast reporters covering sports, local news and higher education

WHAT: A news conference to announce the hiring of Michael Williams as director of athletics at the University of California, Berkeley.

WHEN: The news conference will start at 10 a.m. on Friday, May 8

WHO:  Chancellor Nicholas Dirks; Michael Williams, Director of Athletics

WHERE: The Club Room at Haas Pavilion, which is located on Bancroft Way at the intersection with Dana Street. The Club Room is located on west side of the main floor of the facility.

PARKING: Recommended parking areas near Haas Pavilion are:

RSF Garage – Hourly guest parking is available in the RSF Garage, which is located at 2301 Bancroft Way and is adjacent to Haas Pavilion.

Telegraph-Channing Garage and Oxford Garage – Two City of Berkeley-owned parking garages are located nearby. The Telegraph-Channing Garage is just west of Telegraph Avenue between Durant and Channing, while the Oxford Garage is 2165 Kittredge. For more information, visit the Berkeley off-street parking guide.

Television van parking – A limited number of parking spaces will be reserved for television vans along Schlessinger Way near the Haas Pavilion loading dock. Contact Herb Benenson at or (510) 334-0791 in advance if a spot is needed.

For more information, see the campus map or this parking specific map.