CED staffer Susan Hagstrom gets things done

When she decided to see what her body could do when she wasn’t sitting at a desk, Susan Hagstrom started small. She ran for 30 seconds, and walked for 30 seconds. And she worked up from there to riding in the AIDS ride to Los Angeles, twice. And then she swam the Bay from Alcatraz to San Francisco, twice.

The lessons she learned along the way boost her as an athlete and as a professional — she is director of undergraduate advising in the College of Environmental Design,  she says in a new video posted on the CED website.

“We all know that Susan does a great job in her role for the college helping incoming and enrolled students navigate the trail of earning their degrees,” writes the author of a Staff Spotlight piece accompanying the video. “But Susan, like the other staff at the college, is so much more. She applies her personal attitudes of getting things done to her own life as well and, as a result, has accomplished some tremendous feats.”

The video shows why, in the words of the CED, “we are honored to have her as part of our staff.”

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