Campus network, websites restored to normal after network outage

FINAL UPDATE: (Sunday, Sept. 20): The campus reported this afternoon that all major campus IT systems have been fully restored. Nevertheless, campus IT staff continue to restore non-essential services. If staff, faculty or students experience technical problems with campus systems, they should report the problem to CSS-IT (Telephone:  (510) 664-9000, option 1; Email:

“A special thank you to our campus IT staff for their dedication and efforts to restore us to normal operations,” wrote Lyle Nevel, UC Berkeley’s deputy CIO and assistant vice chancellor-information technology, in an afternoon email to the campus. “For an outage of this magnitude, I think they did an outstanding job of getting the campus back up so quickly.”

UPDATE (Saturday, 12:55 p.m.): Most services used by faculty and students during weekends are now up and available, including Google, Box and bCourses, which is used by students for their coursework. Students who have questions about how the outage affects deadlines in their courses should contact their instructors. A CalMessage will be sent to the campus community later this afternoon with more detailed information on when other services, such as campus applications and databases, will be online.

UPDATE (Saturday, 11:35 a.m.): The campus has restored CalNet service, which allows access to CalMail as well as other internet services, including Box and bCourses. VPN services and the campus gateway page,, also are now operational. Other campus websites and databases are gradually being brought online.

The following message was sent to the campus community on Saturday morning, Sept. 19, 2015:

Dear Campus Community —

At approximately 7:00 pm Friday evening, there was a small fire in the campus data center that triggered the building’s fire suppression system, which ultimately led to the powering down of the data center in Warren Hall. All main campus IT applications were nonoperational for most of the evening and continue to be offline.

We are working diligently to bring campus systems back online. Email is still working and even if you are unable to access your mail at this time, it will be there waiting for you when CalNet authentication is restored. Your phone and external email clients can still be used to access your account.

Once our systems are again available, we ask instructors to provide students with appropriate accommodations for possible missed assignments or other problems stemming from the outage.

To see the latest information on system status, see