More on Berkeley, UC, COP21 and climate change

Energy is one of the defining challenges of the 21st century. Leading the way on finding solutions, UC Berkeley is devoting its vast expertise — and pooling with Berkeley lab experts — to help achieve an affordable, sustainable and clean supply of global energy.

Faculty and researchers are developing renewable and sustainable energy sources, advancing new technologies to help curb energy demand, understanding the implications for climate change and the environment and formulating appropriate and timely policy responses.

Berkeley News stays on top of the latest research daily. Our climate change coverage can be followed here.

A wealth of resources and links to Berkeley’s work on climate change can be found on the vice chancellor for research’s Berkeley Energy, Climate and Environment website.

The University of California’s news coverage of systemwide participation in the 2015 Paris climate talks can be found here. UC’s report, Bending the curve: Ten scalable solutions for carbon neutrality and climate stability is being presented at the talks.

UC also announced that it is the sole university to join the Breakthrough Energy Coalition, a group of investors led by Microsoft founder Bill Gates that is investing in technology that can help solve the climate crisis. Read UC’s story.