UC Berkeley scientists key members of Gov. Brown’s climate team

Jerry Brown and his climate team

California Gov. Jerry Brown and part of his climate change team, including Elizabeth Hadly and Anthony Barnosky (second and third from left) and William Collins (right of Brown). Samer Momani/Caltrans photo.

California Gov. Jerry Brown is headed to Paris this weekend for the two-week global climate summit, prepped for his meetings by a team of scientists almost entirely from the UC system, including two from UC Berkeley: William Collins, a professor of earth and planetary science and a Berkeley Lab researcher; and Anthony Barnosky, a professor of integrative biology.

These two and three others from UC San Diego and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory were profiled in the Los Angeles Times this week, along with the lone non-UC scientist, Elizabeth Hadly of Stanford University’s Woods Institute for the Environment, who is Barnosky’s wife.

Barnosky, a paleontologist, and Hadly, an ecologist, are in Paris now attending the COP21 summit, and earlier this week attended the premiere of a film inspired by a 2012 paper they wrote warning of Earth’s approach to an environmental tipping point. Collins works on modeling climate systems, and helped the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change write a major international report in 2007 that led to a Nobel Peace Prize.

For more information about Gov. Brown’s advisers, read the Los Angeles Times story. Click here to learn more about how Brown has tapped UC Berkeley scientists for advice and help dealing with climate change.