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Berkeley holds onto its title as all-time top Peace Corps volunteer producer

By Public Affairs


UC Berkeley holds onto its title as the all-time top producer of Peace Corps volunteers since John F. Kennedy launched the program in 1961, as the 2016 college rankings were made public today.

map showing where Berkeley alumni are serving

Map shows where in the world Berkeley’s alumni are serving. (Peace Corps image)

Including the new crop, Berkeley has sent 3,615 of its graduates out into the world in Peace Corps programs. The campus ranked 13th nationally in this year’s rankings for the number of volunteers produced, 37.

Altogether, six UC campuses ranked in the top 25 nationally among all volunteer producers, sending a total of 219 alumni overseas during 2015. Joining Berkeley on the list were Santa Barbara, Davis, San Diego, UCLA and Santa Cruz ranked in the top 25 colleges.

More than 11,000 UC alumni have served in the Peace Corps since 1961.

This year, the University of Washington topped the list of volunteer producers nationally, with 72 alumni currently in the Peace Corps, followed by the University of Wisconsin with 69 and the University of Florida with 66.

An interactive map showing where Berkeley’s volunteers are serving can be viewed on the Peace Corps website.