Seniors ‘gift tag’ campus buildings in the name of philanthropy

Student tags Sather Gate

A student “tags” Sather Gate, a shining symbol of philanthropy’s contributions to UC Berkeley’s preeminence.

To kick off Philanthropy Week — a concerted effort by graduating seniors to raise a Class of 2016 gift of $100,000 — members of the Senior Class Gift Committee set out Monday morning on a mission to “gift tag” 45 campus buildings and landmarks.The idea is to demonstrate the impact of philanthropy not only on the structures in question, but on the lives of Berkeley students.

Part of a larger effort to create a culture of giving on campus, Philanthropy Week is a four-day event aimed at educating students about the importance of private donations in maintaining Berkeley’s preeminence as a public institution.

Last year, seniors raised more than $98,000 from more than 1,600 students. Seniors can donate to whichever department or fund on campus they choose to support, so their gifts go to what they care about most.

For more information, visit the Senior Gift website.