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Experts evaluate Brexit causes, impacts

The causes and effects of Great Britain's Brexit vote are under analysis by UC Berkeley experts from economics, political science, sociology and more.

As much of the world is reeling from the narrow decision by voters in Great Britain to leave the European Union, UC Berkeley, experts are assessing what happened and what’s likely to happen next in posts on the Berkeley Blog

Economist Barry Eichengreen offers some insights into the Brexit vote and its links to globalization in his piece “What explains Britain’s Brexit shocker?”

Sociologist and immigration expert Irene Bloemraad disagrees with many pundits, saying in “Immigrants, Brexit, Trump and inequality” that she does not think the British vote was tied to voter attitudes about immigration.

Meanwhile, international affairs lecturer Bruce Newsome weighs in from across the pond, where he has been supporting the Brexit vote. In “Britain is leaving the EU: What happens next?” on the blog, he disputes much of the media coverage of the issue, contending that the British economy will not collapse and the country will remain active in the European free-trade arena.

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