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Berkeley begins three-year collaboration with Free University of Berlin

By Christopher Merchant


UC Berkeley and the Free University of Berlin have signed a three-year agreement to collaborate in multiple fields including health, global studies and digital science.

Faculty and administrators from UC Berkeley and the Free University of Berlin sit around a board room table.

Faculty and administrators from UC Berkeley and the Free University of Berlin sign a joint agreement to cooperate on a variety of projects for three years. (UC Berkeley photo by Keegan Houser)

“We share many commitments and interests, and in a way we are both establishing more global relationships,” said Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks during the signing ceremony for the memorandum of understanding. Berkeley and FUB already have a variety of exchange and collaborative programs, and the new agreement signifies the universities’ commitment to strengthen those relationships, Dirks said.

The new agreement outlines exchange programs for students, faculty and administrative staff, and gives particular attention to the promotion of young researchers. In addition, it lays the groundwork for teaching cooperation, encourages technology transfers for students and scholars and codifies a commitment to foster startup initiatives.

The agreement also commits Berkeley to assist FUB with its role in the Universities Excellence Initiative, the German government’s plan to bring select public universities in that country up to par with the United States’ top schools.

Though the initial collaboration is set for three years, it will automatically extend for an additional year unless either institution decides to end the collaboration.