Support, resources offered to all affected by wildfires

Dear students, staff and faculty,

The smoke in the air here in Berkeley offers a hint of the tragedy unfolding just north of us. As you know, wildfires continue to burn, and the destruction has been extensive, affecting many on this campus. Friends and family members have been displaced, schools and colleges are closed, and homes and businesses have been lost.

I am writing to encourage our instructors and our managers and supervisors to be flexible with students and staff who are facing challenges related to the fires.

I also encourage all members of the community to review information compiled by the Tang Center related to air quality and smoke inhalation.

Here are other resources that students affected by the fires may find helpful:

Staff and faculty may always contact our Employee Assistance Program if they are in need of support.

In keeping with the Berkeley spirit, I am aware of informal networks of people offering space in their homes for those displaced by the fires. Here is a list of ways to help if you are able.

Thank you for reading, and take care,

Carol Christ