Transcript: Ouk remembers when her grandma saved her life

“One day I saw my grandma come in from far away. At first, I didn’t recognize my grandma at all. But I remember she always used the same headscarf and then she always wore the same sarong. I looked at her, and I thought, ‘Oh, that person looks like my grandma,’ in my mind. But I never thought that my grandma would come to see me and I thought, ‘Oh, just leave it alone.’

And then, I saw that woman kept walking toward me. And again, I say, ‘Oh, that lady looks like my grandma.’ But after a while, I stopped looking. I stopped looking back.

And then she came in, and we both broke into crying. I couldn’t say a word. I was just like, really to see my grandma, i was so happy. But the happiness made me speechless. I didn’t say a word. I just let the tears drop.

But I remember my grandma, she took the towel, the headscarf from her head, wrapped it around me and she started cleaning me up. She wet the towel and said, ‘You’re going to be alright, my granddaughter. You’re going to be okay.’

That was the time that made me feel so grateful to see grandma. In my mind, I said, ‘If I die, I want to see my grandma.’ And I didn’t think that my grandma was thinking the same way.

She took me. She took me with her.”