Voting on campus just got easier

person sliding ballot into new ballot box

The new ballot collection box near Sproul Hall is up and running, just weeks before the Nov. 6 election. (UC Berkeley photo by Hulda Nelson)

Voting in the Nov. 6 midterm elections just got easier for people who work or go to school at UC Berkeley, with the installation of a ballot drop-off box near Sproul Hall.

The ballot box, between the north end of Sproul and the A&E building, went in today and is  accepting mail-in ballots from registered Alameda County voters. No postage is needed.

Californians are electing a governor and will decide the usual plethora of ballot initiatives on this fall’s ballot. The nation will be deciding the balance of power in Congress and the Senate.

This Monday, Oct. 22, is the last day to register to vote. You can register online or in person. Students can register either at their residence while in school, or their home address, but not both.

Mail-in ballots can also be stamped and mailed, or dropped off at polling places on election day. Votes dropped off early will be included in the first results that roll out on election night.

On election day, the polls will be open in several locations around campus, including the third floor of the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union, the rec room in the Unit 1 residence hall and in Unit 3, side A/B.