Finals stress? Chancellor Carol Christ has cookies

A woman gives cookies to students

Chancellor Carol Christ handed around dozens of cookies to students in Moffitt Library. (UC Berkeley photos by Irene Yi)

The week before finals is a stressful time in Moffitt Library at UC Berkeley, as students wrap up semester-long research projects and cram for big tests.

That’s why Chancellor Carol Christ took a few minutes on Monday and again on Friday to deliver chocolate, sugar, raisin and red velvet cookies to studying students.

“I remember from my days as a student how stressful and overwhelming all the deadlines and projects at the end of a semester can be, so I wanted to take a few minutes to connect with our students and offer a few words of encouragement,” Christ said. “Cookies don’t finish papers, but they help.”

a woman stands with a tray of cookies

Christ spent about 45 minutes giving out cookies on Monday and again on Friday.

a woman has a tray of cookies

Students appreciated the distraction from their coursework.