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Favorite winter day hideaway? Morrison Library, a cozy reading room that opened in 1928

Berkeleyan readers weighed in on the best places on campus to spend the cold and rainy days

a photo of a cozy library space

The Morrison Library opened in 1928 as a traditional library reading room for students to take a break from the rigors of academic life. (Photo by Alan Nyiri, courtesy of Atkinson Photographic Archive)

The favorite winter day hideaway at Berkeley is the Morrison Library, according to 40 percent of people who took last week’s Berkeleyan poll.

The 1928 reading room is one of the architectural treasures of the campus and maintains a collection of newly published popular fiction and non-fiction, as well as subscriptions to several popular magazines and a few daily newspapers.

Nearly 20 percent of Berkeleyan voters said they preferred to spend their winter days walking under the redwoods along Strawberry Creek. Another 7 percent each said they liked watching the weather from atop the Campanile or soaking up California history in the Hearst Museum of Anthropology.

Winners of the I’m a Berkeleyan T-shirts included:

  • Staffer Linda Waterfield, who works at the Hearst Museum of Anthropology. She said the museum was an “obvious choice” as her cozy winter spot.
  • 2002 alumnus Richard Kenger, who likes to walk along Strawberry Creek. “I’m from Sweden; still a Berkeleyan in soul,” he said. “The redwoods are magnificent and not to be experienced in Sweden. I’m an outdoor person so the choice was easy.”
  • Staffer Jennifer Teverbaugh, who works in the Hearst Memorial Mining Building (another architectural gem). Her pick: the Morrison Library, because it “feels like a library out of Harry Potter.”