Meet our new faculty: Ronit Stahl, history

Ronit Stahl smiling

Ronit Stahl (Photo by Sid Hastings)

Name: Ronit Stahl
Discipline: History
Degrees: B.A., English, Williams College, 2002; M.A., social sciences in education, Stanford University, 2005; Ph.D., history, University of Michigan, 2014
Research interests: My research focuses on pluralism in modern America by examining the interaction of religion, law and politics in institutional spaces such as the military and hospitals. I’m interested in how both the American government and Americans have struggled with, advanced and inhibited religious diversity, pluralism and inclusion. In other words, when do people claim religious rights, when are they successful or unsuccessful, who decides and why?
Other interests: Hiking, kayaking, cooking, baking, quilting and occasionally garment making