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Campus investigating stun device incident

By Public Affairs

On March 8, UCPD officers responded to a report regarding two individuals, one of whom was described as visibly carrying a powerful stun device near Sather Gate, the center of the UC Berkeley campus. Possession of a stun device on campus property is prohibited by law, and UCPD strictly enforces the campus weapon ban to protect the community.

Two officers approached the individuals who matched the specific description that had been called in to the department. Initially, both individuals denied possessing a stun device. Minutes later, however, the owner of the stun device admitted it was in her possession and offered to give it to the officer.

Following standard practice, officers asked her not to touch the weapon and told her that, due to safety concerns, he would need to take it from her. When the officer then reached for the stun device, a struggle ensued between the officer and the owner, as well as the second individual who sought to intervene.

The campus is satisfied with reports indicating that the District Attorney has reviewed the case and is referring both individuals to a diversion program in lieu of prosecution.