Three things that will get better with UCPath

a graphic of the website on an ipad

Unlike the old system, the new UCPath system can be easily accessed from tablets and smartphones. (Courtesy image)

Starting Saturday, employees can access the UCPath Online Portal, a new employee information interface that will replace the old At Your Service Online portal. The first paychecks will be issued through the new system in April.

“Our current payroll system, which is now 40 years old, was implemented before the internet, before personal computing and before today’s students (and many faculty and staff) were born,” says Marc Fisher, UC Berkeley vice chancellor for administration. “I’m confident that employees will appreciate the features of the new UCPath system.”

But what does that mean for Berkeley staff, faculty and student employees?

Access your paystubs, vacation balances and other HR details seven days a week from any device.

Gone are the days of having to wait until you’re at work to look up these details. With the new UCPath portal, you can log in from home on your computer, or even via a tablet or smartphone. No VPN (virtual private network) connection is needed.

The new, clean interface will make finding the information you need faster and easier.

a screenshot of the UCPath webpage with HR details

The new portal will give employees easy access to their HR details. (Courtesy image)

Split your paycheck among as many as three accounts.

If you’re the kind of saver who likes sending a little bit of money each paycheck to your “vacation,” “holiday gift” and other accounts, this will be a huge help. Under the old system, you could only send your paycheck to one account. Now, split it up however you want.

Everything will get easier and more accurate.

You won’t notice when things go right, but you’ll definitely notice if things go wrong. Berkeley’s old payroll system was a creaky, 40-year-old monstrosity held together with digital duct tape and a little good luck.

The new system is state-of-the-art: secure, organized and mobile-ready. Over the long term, it will save Berkeley money and time.

For more information about UCPath, visit the information page or talk with your supervisor.