Berkeley crews working to restore campus power

Power is back on. For the latest information, visit Berkeley News.

UC Berkeley crews are working to restore electricity to the campus Friday morning after PG&E shut off power to much of the Bay Area on Thursday. The campus community can expect an update later today.

Classes are canceled and the campus is closed while they safely switch many of the buildings on the core campus from emergency backup power sources to the PG&E power supply. The process involves many steps and is expected to take most of Friday.

More information and resources for students, staff and faculty are available at the bottom of this page.

Unless instructed by your supervisor, faculty and staff should continue to stay away from the main campus until further notice. Buildings on the main campus will remain locked. There is still a risk that overloading emergency power systems before power has been restored could impact critical life-safety and research systems.

Depending on the schedule for restoration of power on Friday, campus may be open for research activities and special events that evening.

The campus does hold a limited number of classes on Saturdays, and we expect those classes to resume.

We are extremely grateful to the staff members and student workers from many critical functional areas who have worked around the clock throughout this crisis to manage this complicated and dynamic situation.

A final reminder that even if you have power at home, it does not mean we will have power restored on campus.

Please continue to monitor email and texts for WarnMe messages and follow Berkeley News and the UC Berkeley Twitter account for updates.

Thank you for your continued cooperation and patience.

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