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Campus intends to resume normal operations as soon as possible

By Public Affairs

The campus will be closed Friday. For the latest updates visit Berkeley News.

Marc Fisher, UC Berkeley’s vice chancellor for administration, and Alicia Johnson, director of Berkeley’s Office of Emergency Management, issued the following message Thursday afternoon regarding the ongoing campus power outage:

It is our intent to resume classes and restart campus operations as soon as possible. Please be aware that this remains a fluid situation and the basis for our decision rests on a number of factors outside our control. It is possible we will open for all or part of the day Friday.

We will send a message in the early evening once we receive updated information from PG&E. Please monitor email and texts for WarnMe messages and follow Berkeley News and the UC Berkeley Twitter account for updates.

More information and resources for students, staff and faculty are available at the bottom of this page.

Extenuating Factors

Once PG&E issues an “all clear” for the UC Berkeley power source, they will begin inspecting power lines. If the lines are in good repair, PG&E will then reconnect power. Power line inspection can only occur during daylight hours. The restoration of power could take several hours.

Once PG&E has restored power, converting back to PG&E from our temporary emergency use of our cogeneration plant requires a sequence of several hours.

We remind staff, students and faculty to stay away from campus until told the campus is resuming normal operations.

Considerations for staff

When we reopen, campus staff will be asked to return to work. However, we recognize that some staff members will be dealing with power outages at their home or face childcare issues or school closures. Those staff members should work with supervisors. We ask supervisors to remain flexible.

Finally, we remind you again to register to receive WarnMe/Nixle alerts and follow Berkeley News for the latest updates.

Thank you for your continued cooperation and patience.

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