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UC Berkeley among the greenest schools in the country

"This is a fantastic honor," says Berkeley's director of sustainability

A student pushes hike bike as he walks and talks with a female student, who is looking at him smiling.

Students walk through Berkeley’s campus. One of the questions in the survey asked about Berkeley’s transportation options. (UC Berkeley photo by Elena Zhukova)

UC Berkeley is among the most environmentally responsible colleges, according to a new Princeton Review survey of some 413 American colleges and universities.

The survey found that Berkeley was the number 14 greenest college in the country, and the top University of California honored, with UC Merced coming in at number 20.

“This is a fantastic honor, not only highlighting the breadth and efficacy of Berkeley’s sustainability commitments but the deep engagement of students in environmental issues,” said Kira Stoll, Berkeley’s director of sustainability. “As a large research university there are more ways to improve and innovate our green initiatives, and we will, it is part of our ethos.”

The results were based on a survey of hundreds of school administrators and asked about food waste, transportation systems and plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

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