Chancellor Carol Christ seeks feedback on police accountability report

Chancellor Carol Christ sent the following message to the campus community on Tuesday:

In 2019 we established the Independent Advisory Board on Police Accountability and Community Safety (IAB) with the express purpose of improving the transparency and accountability of policing on our campus. I urge you to review the constituent elements of the Board’s charges that have been guiding its important work.

Today, I am pleased to share with you the IAB’s first annual report that provides, according to its authors, “over 25 recommendations for strengthening police accountability and ensuring community safety on and near campus.” The report can be accessed, in its entirety, here: IAB Annual Report.

As I stated in my June 18th message to campus, I am committed to working with the IAB and UCPD in pursuit of new, better, and more equitable approaches to community safety that reduce the need for law enforcement, support our Principles of Community, and help ensure our institution and its constituent parts are free of racism, bias, and discrimination.

Before deciding about implementation of the IAB’s recommendations what we now need and seek are your reactions to, and feedback about, the report’s findings and recommendations. The success of our efforts, I believe, are contingent on the campus community’s support, understanding, and participation.

We look forward to receiving your comments and questions, which can be posted to a Google form here that will be open until August 7 at 5 p.m. After carefully considering the input we receive, I hope and expect to inform the campus about our next steps in September.