Meet our new faculty: Youjin Chung, environmental science, policy and management

Youjin Chung smiles at the camera

Youjin Chung is a new member of UC Berkeley’s faculty. (Photo courtesy Youjin Chung)

Name: Youjin Chung
Discipline: Environmental science, policy and management and Energy Resources Group
Degrees: B.A., International studies and journalism, Korea University, 2009; M.Phil., Development studies, Cambridge, 2010; M.Sc., Development sociology, Cornell, 2015; Ph.D., Development sociology, Cornell, 2018
Research interests: I use ethnographic, historical and participatory visual methods to examine the relationship between gender/intersectionality, development and socio-ecological change in rural Africa, with a focus on Tanzania.
Fun fact: I enjoy taking my cat out for walks and tending to my house plants. I also excel at making vegan cookies.