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Shelter-in-place order extended through May 31

Sather Gate
UC Berkeley's Sather Gate (Photo by Peg Skorpinski)

Vice Chancellor for Administration Marc Fisher is sending the following message to the campus community on Wednesday:

The Bay Area’s shelter-in-place order has been officially extended through May with only limited easing of restrictions, including construction and certain outdoor activities.

For the UC Berkeley campus, this means our largely remote operations will continue through May, and some construction projects will likely resume. We will be reviewing the new order over the next few days to determine whether there will be any additional changes to current operations.

The City of Berkeley health officer, along with those from six Bay Area Counties, released the details of the new order today. It goes into effect May 4 and will replace the current shelter-in-place order that expires May 3. 

In accordance with the extended shelter in place timeline, the campus will be cancelling campus events that were scheduled to take place May 4 – May 31.

In issuing the new order, the public health officials noted that it is designed to set the stage for a gradual resumption of activities while also preventing a surge in COVID-19 cases in the counties. The new order allows for certain outdoor activities and businesses including landscaping/gardening businesses, summer camps for limited numbers of children with parents in specific workforces, etc.

I want to thank you for continuing to do your part to protect our community and to keep yourself safe. Please continue to visit the campus’s COVID-19 website for the latest informatIon and updates.