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Chancellor Christ: We're united in support of our Asian American community members

By Public Affairs

Chancellor Carol Christ sent the following message to the campus community on Wednesday :

Today we join together with millions of people around our country and the world to condemn the horrific and senseless violence in Georgia that took the lives of eight innocent people. On behalf of our campus community, I want to extend our profound condolences and support to the victims’ relatives, friends and colleagues.

Six of the eight victims were of Asian descent, and all but one were women. While the investigation into the shooter’s motives and intentions is ongoing, there are understandable, legitimate fears that the victims were targeted because of their race and/or their gender. There is research indicating that women account for a significant majority of the victims of violence against Asian Americans, a deeply disturbing phenomenon that we must as a society consider and confront. Hate-driven crimes that target individuals because of their ethnicity, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, other identities or beliefs, only broadens and deepens the impact of these heinous acts.

I am particularly concerned because the shootings in Georgia come in the wake of hateful and utterly unprovoked attacks against Asians and Asian Americans in the Bay Area and beyond. In fact, earlier this week two women of Asian descent were subject to abuse and harassment while waiting in line at the University Village food pantry.

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We have spoken out before , and we speak out now to express our solidarity and support, even as we seek to build and sustain a campus community where everyone feels welcome, respected and safe. We also must stand and work together with all who believe in and are committed to a peaceful, equitable world where justice is pursued.

We also extend our support and sympathy to members of our own community who have been affected by this terrible news as well as events closer to us. We especially extend our support and sympathy to members of University Village.

For those who may be in need, here a few helpful resources: