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Portrait of Gabriel Lenz

Gabriel Lenz

Professor, political scientist

Areas of expertise: Elections, The indictment of Donald Trump

Michael Mark Cohen

Associate Professor of African American Studies and African Diaspora Studies

Areas of expertise: Elections, Racial justice and policing

Lisa García Bedolla

Lisa García Bedolla

UC Berkeley's vice provost for graduate studies, dean of the Graduate Division, professor of education

Areas of expertise: Education, Elections, Politics and public policy, Race and ethnicity, Spanish-speaking, Supreme Court affirmative action ruling

Patrick Gonzalez

Associate Adjunct Professor in the Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management

Areas of expertise: Climate change, Elections

john powell, professor of law, ethnic studies and African American studies

john a. powell

Professor of Law and of African American Studies, Director of Othering and Belonging Institute

Areas of expertise: Elections, Free speech, Human rights, Law, Politics and public policy, Race and ethnicity, Racial justice and policing, Xenophobia/racism

George Lakoff

Emeritus professor of linguistics and cognitive science, director of the Center for the Neural Mind and Society

Areas of expertise: California, Elections, Politics and public policy, Psychology and behavior, U.S. politics

Bruce Fuller

Professor of education and public policy in the Graduate School of Education

Areas of expertise: Child development, Education, Elections, K-12, Politics and public policy

Henry Brady headshot

Henry Brady

Professor of political science and public policy, dean of the Goldman School of Public Policy

Areas of expertise: Education, Elections, Higher education, Politics and public policy